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Recommended Books For SSC CGL , SSC CHSL and SSC MTS

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           Are you preparing for SSC exams ? Do you want government job ? Do you want to crack SSC exams in one sitting ? Do you want to crack all competitive exams through self study ? If the answer is Yes .Then you have come in a right place where we recommend the best books for SSC exams. If you read all these books regualrly then you can crack your Govt. Exams very easily . But remember,basic knowledge or concepts and daily practice will be helping you to crack the SSC EXAMS and for that we need actual books. There are many books available in the market , but the readers feel very hard to choose the best useful books for the exam. So here we are helping you to choose the best books for your exams. Okay.

    For Reasoning Section:

    In every Exams reasoning is a compulsory part or section. You must pass this section. If you regualrly practice reasoning then you can easily solve resoning questions. 

    For English Section:


    Cover Credit: Nimisha Bansal 

         “120 Rules of Grammar” is a unique or one of a kind approach to bring all the important concepts and practice questions under one umbrella to assist all the readers in clearing their slightest of doubts regarding this subject. With the diversity of questions based on errors we face in today’s competitive examinations, it has become our foremost duty to be self- equipped with proper and relevant solutions. And after going through this book, one can easily find solutions to any type of questions based on errors. This book is solely inspired to make our dedicated readers feel comfortable with the subject so that they can redefine their approach to solve any problem with utmost ease. Grammar portion of the subject “English” plays the most critical role in any competitive examination. With the consistent evolution in the way questions are being asked in the banking, insurance, SSC, railways and defense examinations, maximum efforts have been put to compile ‘Top 120 Rules of Grammar’ that cover almost every questions based on error part. So, considering all the significance that this book carries, we have divided the book into four sections with each section capable of providing the notable contribution to your skills. The four sections are namely – Top 120 Rules, Practice sets, Strategies to solve different types of questions & Mock Tests. There are 750+ questions based on spotting errors, duly divided into 15 Practice Sets, to avail our readers with ample opportunities to practice their skills. Moreover, 10 additional mock Tests which contain more than 300+ questions are provided to visualize latest patterns of questions being asked in banking examinations. Detailed solutions are provided to every question for a better CONCEPTUAL learning. While preparing, all the necessary including minute details have been taken care of. The questions are preferably selected based on their quality, inculcating different levels and types that will help our readers in getting through any type of new pattern questions with confidence and satisfaction. The book will be extremely helpful in preparing for all the Banking and Insurance examinations like IBPS, SBI, BANK OF BARODA, SYNDICATE BANK, RBI ASSISTANT, OICL, UIIC, LIC, along with SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, RRB NTPC, etc. ( Credit : Flipkart)


    Cover Credit: Nimisha Bansal 

    The 'Perfection Book' is an exclusive book consisting of numerous practical questions compiled thoughtfully to ensure that the aspiring students can do sufficient practice of entire English-based questions through this one book. After deeply examining the mixed pattern of questions asked in competitive exams, the content of this book is fashioned in such a manner that it encloses all those questions under one umbrella. It can be vouched that the reader won't require any other medium to excel in English after getting hold of this book. Ever since its release the book 'English with Nimisha Bansal' received great acceptance among students preparing for a wide gamut of competitive exams, and so the idea of coming up with a practice book with the core concept of providing the best content with easily understandable solutions came up. Students who have joined Nimisha Bansal's online 'Perfection Batch' have realized that the constructive contents of this batch are the most effective when preparing for any government exams. Covering more than 1000 questions and 51 perfection sets, this book precisely centralizes on imbibing the concepts of English through distinctive and unique questions rather than focusing on theory. The 'Perfection Series' holds the best approach and strategy to learning English and clearing all the bewildering concepts of the same. With the consistent evolution in the way questions are being asked in the banking, insurance, SSC, railways, and defense examinations, maximum efforts have been put to compile with the prime intention of providing all the mixed patterns asked in previous years and most anticipated vocabularies. Adding to this, new mixed pattern-based questions and most expected questions starting from basic to advanced level are also incorporated in this book. For the readers to examine their performance, the book also encompasses special assessment tests to get an overview and analysis of the same. ( Credit : Flipkart)